Safety Rules

All railcar operators must carry with them current NARCOA insurance card and NARCOA rules certificate card, and can present these cards upon request by the excursion coordinator.

All participants must wear reflective safety vests in yellow or orange, while on railroad property.

All participants must wear hard soled over the ankle shoes.

All participants must attend safety meeting prior to excursion start.

Radios capable of receiving / transmitting on all 3 NARCOA channels and that have been permanently installed are required. The Radio must be on during the excursion and be functional, and the transmission is easily understood.

Transmitting on RR frequency prohibited unless emergency is declared.

All participants must follow the NARCOA rules. Violation of these rules will result in a probationary status and/ or termination of excursion privileges for future New Jersey Trackcar Excursions.

Railroad requirements/rules supercede NARCOA rules.

Railcars not meeting safety requirements may be refused set-on.

Troublesome railcars not able to run at track speed or causing problems may be set off or put on tow bar without delay excursion to the rest of the group.

Professionalism from all participants is expected.

All communications related to the excursion must go through New Jersey Trackcar Excursions Coordinator ONLY.  Participants cannot contact railroad officials.

Large railcars (over A4 size or equivalent size),any large railcar without turntable, home builts, high rails or heavily modified railcars can participate in excursion by permission only.