Cancellation & Refund

Wait list

When the excursion is sold out and we receive your payment for the excursion, we will place you on a wait list and notify you via email about your place in the queue. If the status queue changes, we will notify you as well. If you wish to be dropped from the wait list, we will send you refund based on the cancellation and refund policy.

Excursion Fees

The excursion fees are based on the set price from the host railroad, number of registrations, pilots required, and including fees for insurance certificate, Porta John rental, mail stamps, and excursion advertisement. We try to keep the excursion cost down so that everyone will have opportunity to operate their railcars and to enjoy a day on the rails.


All NARCOA rules and requirements for mentoring are strictly enforced. You must have a current NARCOA rules certificate card and a current NARCOA insurance card to be mentored. Mentoring will only be done on designated excursion with prior arrangements with the excursion coordinator.

Home built, heavily modified railcars or large railcars

Any of these railcars must meet NARCOA and railroad equipment standards, and be inspected and approved by the excursion coordinator prior to excursion start. You will not be permitted to participate in the excursion, if your railcar has not passed the inspection.


Some railroads do not permit children on their railroads. Please read descriptions of each excursion carefully before register the excursion. However, well behaved children over 10 years old are always welcome. They are required to observe the NARCOA rules as well as to wear safety vests and hard soled over the ankle shoes. It is your responsibility to watch and manage them.